Are you a dedicated gamer? Enjoy uploading videos and commentaries, or competing in MLG events and playing competitive? Are You as a Player Getting Tired of Raging in Public Matches because your Team doesn't support you? Need a team to fallback on and a team who is able to play the objective and get the win? MvK might be the perfect place for you. As you can see, we are a flexible Multi-Divisioned Team who sees gaming a different ordinance. We encourage new interested members to look around, sign up on the site and interact with some of the members as this can put your foot in the doorway to getting into MvK. Take a look around and register then begin interacting with other members or request a tryout and become a member of one of the most original and time tested PSN clans of all time.

Joining MvKGaming

Becoming an MvK member is going to take not just dedication but showing us that you are wanting to be a member of our clan. Please make sure you read our "About Us" and the "Code of Conduct".

With that being said, make sure you have a YouTube Channel, Twitter, and a twitch channel. Make sure you have those made and have it updated with a profile picture and start showing a little dedication and comment on some of our youtube, twitter, and twitch content. This ensures our success and your dedication.

  • Must Have/Make YouTube, Twitter, Twitch
  • Must be supportive on most content uploaded to YouTube, Twitter, Twitch
  • Must compete in Clan Wars with the clan when asked.
  • Attend Team Scrimmages if asked.


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