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Welcome to the 2015 MvKGaming website. As you can see it might look similar to the one in the past but its not. New features, new policies, new expectation. We've added a built in rank up system for members who are eager enough to earn a position in MvKGaming. Forum activity, Social Media activity, and in-game activity all play a factor in your overall rank of MvK. We arent going to be as laid...
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  • J30-06K created a new topic ' High Level Members Need Apply Now' in the forum.
    As you are most probably aware ...... MvKGaming has recently launched. This launch might be premature , however, serves an important purpose. That purpose being that we are going to build a solid high command rather quickly but not sloppy. Right now opportunities are overflowing and only the best will be chosen early to help us lead this new version of MvK* ( Most Valuable Killers ) into the future and , thus, those who show their willingness to help lead shall reap the rewards while others come late sucking for spots in what is ..... if taking history into account ..... a 100% certainty of complete COD domination by the original COD gun clan. Message J30-06K on PSN , twitter, youtube or here for business opportunities.

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